We are delighted to invite your organisation to the 17th Transgenic Technology meeting.

The TT meetings are the principal activity of the International Society for Transgenic Technology (ISTT) www.transtechsociety.org which is the largest society focusing on generation of transgenic animal model.

As opportunities to resume travel are opening up around the world, we are excited that this will be the first major face to face conference for specialists in animal transgenesis since the beginning of the pandemic. As you will see listed in our Exhibition and Sponsorship prospectus, we are offering several packages and opportunities to suit differing budgets and marketing strategies. We welcome your involvement in this international conference; sponsors and exhibitors are, and will continue to be, an integral part of the meeting and we look forward to an opportunity to welcoming you to Finland in 2022.

If you have any questions or would like to receive the prospectus, please contact the TT2022 congress secretariat, In Conference on tt2022@in-conference.org.uk.

Confirmed Sponsors & Exhibitors

About Cosmo Bio USA
Cosmo Bio USA offers more than 20,000 products for life science research including more than 5,000 Japan made products consolidated from more than 70 Japanese makers, including Cosmo Bio brands.  
The ISTT community will be particularly interested in CBU’s reagents and accessories from Japan for reproductive engineering procedures. Additionally, Cosmo Bio distributes AKAP4 marker ELISA kits and antibodies from France for sperm fertility assessment and research.

Maker: Kyudo Co. Ltd. (origin: Japan; catalog number prefix: KYD)
For mouse and rat: Extensive line of highly regarded solutions and accessories for rodent reproductive engineering, many originally developed at Kumamoto University’s Center for Animal Resource and Development (CARD), a pioneering force in rodent reproductive engineering. Featuring CARD FertiUp® Sperm Cryoprotectant, CARD FertiUp® Preincubation Media, CARD Media, and CARD HyperOva® superovulation reagent.

Maker: Cosmo Bio Co. Ltd. (origin: Japan; catalog number prefix: CSR)
For mouse and rat: Budget friendly, commonly used solutions prepared for a variety of IVF related procedures. Featuring:  HTF, DMSO, DAP213, 0.25M Sucrose, and more.
For pig: An extensive set of chemically defined reagents and kits for IVF procedures, embryo culture, and maturation. Developed over more than 10 years.

Maker: 4BioDx® by SPQI S.A.S. (origin: France; catalog number prefix: BDX)
For many species: With their 4MID® line of ProAKAP4 ELISA kits for studying fresh or frozen semen, INSERM spin-off 4BioDx is advancing the science of sperm quality assessment research and its practical application. 4MID® ProAKAP4 specific ELISA kits are available for 11 animal species.    

Beyond Reproductive Engineering
The Cosmo Bio USA collection is unique, reliable, highly varied, and very likely worth your time to explore. We’re confident that if we have what you need, you’ll like what you get. We look forward to serving you.  

Cosmo Bio USA
Cosmo Bio USA IVF dashboard